Pigeon Removal – Trapping The Nuisance

About Trapping Pigeons

Tamahawk Collapsible-Pigeon-Trap 502Pigeon trapping is considered to be a humane control method that helps people to get rid of the infestation of birds. Trap the pest pigeons and remove them to a location where they will not be a nusance. This makes it easy to control the pigeon population on any property.

What is Available for Traps?

Tomahawk is one source that manufactures 3 different types of pigeon traps. They can hold as many as 15 to 30 pigeons at a time, depending on the trap size. Pigeons enter the traps through special trap doors constructed of hanging steel wire bobs. The unique slanted design of the repeating doors encourages pigeons to move forward and enter the trap as they eat the grain. The special trapping mechanism of the door automatically resets after each bird is caught, and prevents the trapped pigeons from escaping.

A convenient release door is also located on all of Tomahawk’s Pigeon Traps. This easy access allows for quick removal of the birds once you’ve brought them to their new locations. You can view the Tomahawk traps at WCS’s web site.3 compartment pigeon trap

Other types of abatement include safe, “clam-shell” drop trap is designed with netting that collapses when the bird eats the bait, multiple compartment traps that will hold up to 40 birds, and even collapsible models for ease of storage when the trap isn’t in use. If you have a need to trap up to 70 birds at one time, consider this 7 panel model. There are many pigeon removal devices to select from that will match your bird pest needs.

How to Use a Trap To Get Rid of Birds

For optimal trapping conditions, the area where the trap will be placed should be pre-baited for several days before the trap is introduced. Grain, cereal, fig bars, or dried bread should be used for bait.trap for pigeons with 8 entry doors

After the pigeons become familiar with the new eating spot, place one of the traps over the feed. Bait the pigeon trap with a trail of grain on the outside of the trap and leading into the trap doors. Make sure to place the majority of the bait inside the pigeon trap. We also recommend pre-baiting the pigeon trap for several days, or until the pigeons become familiar with walking in and out of the trap. To pre-bait the trap, tie-up the trap doors. The pigeons will eat the grain and move freely in and out of the trap as they eat. After the pigeons become familiar with the trap, untie the doors. Remember to always check your traps on a daily basis and optionally include a source of water inside the cage.

A full line of bird traps can be viewed at  Wildlife Control Supplies.

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